Digital Transformation
requires agile ways of working

                        Our passion is to motivate, engage & empower people to develop & execute
growth strategies by transforming  into a customer experience-oriented culture,
leveraging on digital technologies.

Only half of the business will survive beyond 2020, according to Forbes & Gartner.
These businesses are those that have failed to onboard the Digital Transformation
journey in a timely manner, because Digital Transformation requires Culture
Transformation due to new disruptive technology.

                        The surviving businesses will be those that have become organisational agile,
since the speed of change will be ever and rapidly increasing, requiring
companies to adapt to new business models.

                        Organisations need to be aware of the importance to connect the
Digital Transformation to the Cultural Transformation.

          With our experience of successful strategy execution integrating Change Management,
we enable growth acceleration so that revenue and profitability targets can be achieved.


Common challenges 

Boards and C-level struggling to get a clear common sense of direction

Senior leadership facing obstacles in strategy execution, i.e. inadequate Change Management

Balancing business as usual with changing the business

Our recipe for transformation success

 1. Dissipate the “fog” – create strategy alignment, starting at Board & C-level jointly

2. Bridge the Gap – shape the link between Strategy & its execution

3. Less is more – prioritize 3 areas to transform


Value of our services

A scalable approach, going from Strategy Alignment to Strategy Execution

– Reduced transition lead-time and resistance to change by integrating Change Management

– Value-driven transformation, measuring both hard facts and soft facts for an accelerated profitable growth


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“Christian de Loës, a Transformation Advisor/Consultant & Coach, has been instrumental in helping us to fast-track the start of our culture transformation journey towards our defined future state (to become social innovators). After getting us aligned on a joint Strategy Alignment Framework, Christian led us through the prioritising exercise of 3 “Big Rocks” belonging to the change so we could establish a balance between running and changing the business. As we have completed Phase 1 (90 days), we are noting emerging progress towards cultural transformation. In fact, the objective ”Culture Transformation” for 2018 has been reached.

It is a pleasure and fun to work with Christian, he is highly customer oriented and skilled in change work. If you want a reference regarding Christian´s engagement,  which we on SOS Children´s Village have appreciated, don´t hesitate to contact me.”

Ebba Annell, Chief Digital Officer and Head of Business Development, SOS Children´s Village Sweden