“Christian de Loës, a Transformation Advisor/Consultant & Coach, has been instrumental in helping us to fast-track the start of our culture transformation journey towards our defined future state (to become social innovators). After getting us aligned on a joint Strategy Alignment Framework, Christian led us through the prioritising exercise of 3 “Big Rocks” belonging to the change so we could establish a balance between running and changing the business. As we have completed Phase 1 (90 days), we are noting emerging progress towards cultural transformation. In fact, the objective ”Culture Transformation” for 2018 has been reached.

It is a pleasure and fun to work with Christian, he is highly customer oriented and skilled in change work. If you want a reference regarding Christian´s engagement,  which we on SOS Children´s Village have appreciated, don´t hesitate to contact me.”

Ebba Annell, Chief Digital Officer and Head of Business Development, SOS Children´s Village Sweden