A minority of organizations have a complete overview of all ongoing activities and initiatives in the entire organization, which can be compared to the Battle of Lützen in 1632. Thick fog was prevailing when the Swedish King Gustavus II Adolfus attacked the Catholic Army in Northern Germany. The battle status remained unclear until the next day, when the fog eventually cleared and the situation could be evaluated (the Swedish King was actually killed).

This ”thick fog” is what most organizations are facing today when they haven’t deployed portfolio, program and project management together with change management capability as a strategic enabler.

The difference from the Battle of Lützen is that this kind of ”fog” can be expected and must be avoided, in order to survive our age of accelerated digital transformation and to reverse the continued trend of 70% of change and transformation initiatives globally being unsuccessful.

Why your organization needs a CPO (Chief Project Officer)

Chief Project Officers (CPOs) are uniquely positioned to help align portfolios, ensure benefits realization and master change management. Portfolio Benefits realization is the vital link between shared Strategic Objectives and it’s execution – Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Implementation.