Prosensit enters into cooperation with Hubbster

New cooperation with Hubbster


Prosensit AB with CEO Christian de Loës, having extensive experience in strategic change management internationally, is now one of Hubbster’s established partners. Prosensit will be part of Hubbster’s customer offerings both initiating and implementing change initiatives with the cloud service CoreHub as a foundation, on a non-exclusive basis. The same applies vice-versa, Hubbster’s digital tools for strategy activation will an integrated part of Prosensit’s offerings.


“All organizations want to succeed in bridging the gap between strategy and implementation, no matter the size or complexity of the change (Digital Transformation, as an example). We know, however, that only maximum 30% of all change initiatives succeed. Reasons are insufficient change leadership skills and –capacity, resulting in lack of communication, involvement and, last but not least, poor monitoring to make the change stick. Or to put it in another way; change implementation often lacks methods and tools. But now there are tools that are both user-friendly and smart. I got Hubbster recommended to me and made contact. After testing the tools, it was quite clear; Prosensit wants to work with Hubbster. We got the structure to support drive and commitment in one. I’m really in favor of Hubster’s strategy activation tools and we are excited to using them together with our customers”, says Christian de Loës, Founder and CEO Prosensit AB.


“We are delighted to welcome such a driven and talented person as Christian de Loës and Prosensit AB as our partner. The combination of Hubbster’s digital tools for strategy activation and Christian’s long and extensive experience of successful international executive change management is just right combo and we know that the market demands it. Together we look forward to helping many companies to move from words to action”, says Niklas Engström , CEO of Hubbster.


Niklas Engström                                                                     Christian de Loës

CEO Hubbster AB                                                                    CEO Prosensit AB

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