Bridge the Gap between Strategy and Execution

Highlights from our session for the PMI EMEA Congress 2016 in Barcelona

On the occasion of the PMI (Project Management Institute) EMEA Congress in Barcelona 9-11 May, Dr. Barbara Trautlein and Christian de Loës held a session on the topic “Build Change Intelligence®/CQ® to Bridge the Gap between Strategy and Execution”.


Organizations across the globe struggle to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, resulting in lost return on investment (ROI) and untold frustration. In this paper, we offer a new approach to change management (Change Intelligence® or CQ®) as well as a new approach to benefits realization (Benefits Dependency Mapping or BDM), which together foster alignment toward strategic and operational objectives—and engage sponsors and stakeholders in the process. Our goal for attendees was to obtain immediately applicable insights to enhance their change leadership agility and strategic execution capacity.


Barbara Trautlein & Christian de Loës

This highly interactive session was attended by over 150 persons (full room) and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.


Benefits Dependency Map (BDM) Group Exercise with 150 persons in the room

A group exercise on the creation of a Benefits Dependency Map (BDM) was conducted, providing the audience with valuable insights on how to start the Change Journey from the top of the organization.


Benefits Dependency Map (BDM), Group Exercise, Close up

Additional information from the session:

Our presentation

White paper from our presentation

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