Digital Transformation Immersion Tour, Silicon Valley – June 2019

Join us for our Silicon Valley Immersion Tour this coming summer

2019 – Year of Digital Transformation Breakthrough 

There are impressions you can’t read to yourself…

Meetings with startup founders, incubators, European corporate outposts, venture capitalists, design thinking gurus and other protagonists of the world’s most important digital ecosystem are among them.

A well-founded preparation, the support of experts, but above all the exchange within a hand-picked small and group of movers and shakers makes this exclusive immersion tour, without doubt, a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

Exciting and carefully balanced Digital Transformation Immersion Program

The carefully balanced Digital Transformation Immersion Program is a rewarding investment in the sustainable future of any company.

The symbiotic relationship of intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, infrastructure and money can only be found in this form in Silicon Valley. 

In cooperation with Patrick Comboeuf, University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich Switzerland, local partners in the U.S., Prosensit Change Management organises an expedition to Silicon Valley on the traces of current developments in business models and technologies. The tour is aimed at decision-makers from established companies and up-and-coming start-ups. Ideally, companies should participate in tandem, e.g. with the CEO or a member of the management team and the person responsible for the digital business.

San Francisco, Silicon Valley 9. – 15. June 2019

‘Smart Digitalisation’ – the cleverly orchestrated interplay of uncompromising customer focus, agile company management, the intellectual opening towards innovative business models that sometimes cannibalise the existing core business, the conscious scaling and co-design of digital eco-systems as well as the need for radical change in corporate culture are affecting more and more economic sectors worldwide. This transformation process is favoured by the rapidly advancing technological development. The latter, however, also reduces the barriers to market entry for competitors to a minimum.

Companies at a crossroads

Companies are at a fork in the road: Adherence to proven models and thus accepting a slow but probably unstoppable descent to the meaningless? Or do you want to find ways with courage and innovative strength embracing slumbering potentials of your organisation, awakening + promptly converting them into future business models? 

Companies are at a fork in the road

Many hosts on our trip to Silicon Valley have been dealing with the disruptive effects of digitization on almost all industries for decades. Whether startups or multinational corporations, they use the force field of the region to test innovative products and value creation chains and make them marketable.

Become part of this avant-garde with your company! It’s not too late yet.

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